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A bit too much


Okay so today was Easter and I first have to say “He is Risen…He is Risen Indeed!”  I was blessed with our service this morning and being able to preach the resurrection of our Lord who is not held in the grave.

But easter also means a bit of overdoing it for me usually.  After yesterday’s debacle with Whoppers/Robin Eggs I was prepared to try and “behave myself” today.  I had preplanned to eat some of the breakfast casserole I made for the congregation after our SONrise service.  I found the recipe when clipping coupons last week.  A nice mixture of eggs, cheese, sausage and veggies.  I even made it healthier by using some fat free cheese and egg beaters.  It was Yummy and no one even knew it was healthier.  However I did go overboard and have 2 servings instead of one.  I also had some OJ because it had pulp like I love.  I also made some cinnamon rolls and I ate one for breakfast and then one later for lunch. 

I completely overate for breakfast and was full through lunch.  I only had some baby carrots to hold me over.  I think I didn’t plan well because I binged on semi-sweet chocolate chips since “its Easter.”  I guess I was just on a downward spiral because I ate my leftover cookie dough late last night.  Who knows what’s been eating at me that’s causing me to eat.  I think I just have been bored and missing the sweets.  I need to make sure I alot for some sweets or I’ll go overboard randomly.

Hunni and I went out to dinner tonight because I wanted salad to keep the points low because of my huge portions earlier in the day.  We were going to go to Bennigans because  I love their buffalo chicken salad with grilled chicken and fat free ranch.  However the ENTIRE mall was closed today for Easter.  I respect people celebrating the Lord’s resurrection…however I wanted my salad. 

We ended up at 99 Restaurant because it was nearby.  I was proud of myself that I ordered something from the menu but made all the substitutions I wanted to make it healthy.  The original item was a traditional Buffalo chicken salad.  However I asked for grilled chicken, no blue cheese crumbles, and fat free vinaigrette instead of the blue cheese dressing.  It was good but I was so full from my chocolate binge that I only ate the chicken and a bit of the veggies.  But I didn’t stuff myself just because it was there.

I got home and snacked on a few carrots later in the evening….and then more chocolate later for some reason.  I think I need to drink more water and get more sweet stuff with less calories.  I should have had a sugar-free fudgsicle instead. 

Now I feel guilty about all the chocolate and want to hit the gym for a very long time tomorrow to ease my guilt.  I can’t let myself push too far the opposite direction with working out.  I need to be okay that sometimes I slip.  But how to do it I don’t know.  At least I got in an hours worth of yoga to get me some AP’s.  I’m hoping that now that the craziness is done I’ll get back to “normal”…whatever that is.  I miss my good hard workouts and need to get them back.  I think they kept me from binging while I was doing a Weight Watchers challenge…thank God I am starting another tomorrow.

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