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The craziness continues


So I thought once my cousins left it would have been easier to get stuff done around here and make time for ME!  Not so much.  Instead it’s kept going at the same high rate of speed…almost like a high speed car chase that I can’t stop.  I’m running as fast as I can and time keeps running away from me.

My cousins left yesterday at 9 am after a crazy morning with them having to get ready to leave with my mom.  It was a good week but I knew that things had to get back to “normal.”  I quickly ate some oatmeal with brown sugar before I had to begin my day.  By 10am I was out to meet with one of my church members who is taking classes to become a soldier/member.  We chatted for our usual hour and making sure to go over the material for this week.  I drank a nice small non-fat decaf latte with a shot of hazelnut syrup.  I loved it…it was splendid and just sweet enough.

After that meeting I headed up to the gym to get in my weight training.  I earned 2 AP’s in less than an hour so I was quite pleased.  What I wasn’t pleased with was the sign I saw that said the gym was going to close at 1pm on Sunday…I always go to the gym sunday afternoon after church 😦

I rushed home to eat some lunch really quick.  I scrambled up some egg with Mrs. Dash and put it on a toasted Arnold Sandwich Thin with a wedge of Laughing Cow Garlic and Herb cheese.  I added some baby carrots, TJ’s roasted red pepper hummus and two leftover buckwheat pancakes.  I enjoyed the satisfied feeling I had and knew I would be able to make it through my workout that afternoon. 

I went back out to the coffee shop to meet with another church person who is taking soldiership classes.  I decided to just have a diet Pepsi instead of another latte.  I only drank half before the carbonation, caffeine, and sweetner got to my stomach.  After the second lessons meeting I went back to the gym and earned 2 AP’s on the Elliptical.  I was hoping for about 4 AP’s but I was scared that I wouldn’t have time for dinner, shower and getting ready for the community Good Friday Service.

I hurried home and took a quick shower.  I hung around in Hunni’s large terry cloth robe while finishing up the things I needed to do.  Dinner ended up just being the leftover roasted veggies from the previous nights failed dinner, a Clif Zbar, and 2 servings of Fiber One Cottage cheese.  I love the Zbars and they aren’t too big or sweet.  Just filling enough so that I wouldn’t be starved since I would be gone from 5.45pm until almost 10.  I also enjoyed the Fiber One cottage cheese… tasted just like the regular to me but I enjoyed that it was a lot lower in points.  However I forgot one key thing…LOADS OF FIBER!  My tummy was doing acrobatics throughout the entire service.  I was so uncomfortable and had to drink lotsa water and take Gas-X to help.

The service was wonderful and so filled with the Spirit.  I felt great being in the presence of other believers and bringing some of our congregation.  What a nice way to begin Easter weekend.


Today the craziness continued because I now had to finish all of my stuff for Sunday Easter Services in addition to complete all the things on the schedule for today.  My schedule is never ending…AHHHHH!

I got up for Weight Watchers at 7am like normal and I was out of the house by 7.30am.  WW is at 8.30 and ended ontime at 9.00am.  Lost 1.8 pounds which is great since I missed the meeting last week due to that nasty flue.  I enjoyed the topic of working on self-control instead of just having it.  I needed the reminder to keep working on it instead of just expecting it to appear.  I ate my Luna Bar Chocolate Peppermint flavored like I normally do for breakfast on WW days. 

On my way to run errands I at my emergency WW 2point Sweet and Salty bar from the glove box.  I stopped in Target to pick up some body wash, conditioner and some more Clif Zbars.  I looked to see if they had any Easter Music to avoid a trip to Albany but no such luck.  Not even at Walmart either… I guess Easter music is not like Christmas music and able to be found anywhere.

Got home and worked on my sermon research.  I hate waiting til the last minute but I never seemed to find the time this week.  I’ll have to work on this for when the girls are visiting this summer and I have to preach.  Ate some quick lunch of Reduced Fat Creamy PB on a Thomas’ Light Multigrain English muffin.  I toasted it so that the PB would nice and melty…Ooooey gooey yumminess.  I added some baby carrots and my favorite Roasted Red Pepper Hummus. 

I had to take out a teen from the church today because I promised it as a reward.  It was supposed to happen last weekend but again that nasty flu was not my friend.  I got back around 3pm and continued to work on my sermon.  I ate an apple and inhaled some Whoppers easter Robin eggs.  The sugar was alot and made my head hurt.

When I got home I worked on my sermon for another hour and a half until Hunni and I had to make a trip to Albany to get some last minute Easter things.  We went to our favorite Christian Book store and got some CD’s with traditional hymns since we normally use more contemporary iWorship.  We want the traditional feel for Easter Sunday morning but don’t play music ourselves.  We also bought an Easter DVD for the kids for tomorrow since it will be a long day.

We decided to go to Ruby Tuesday for dinner so that I could get a decent choice for dinner.  The service was AWFUL!!! The waitress only actually talked to us twice.  She didn’t even take our order or let us know that she was busy.  One of the other waitstaff took our order and the runner brought out our drinks.  I’m a great tipper but this girl did not deserve anything.  I did however enjoy my meal of white chicken chili and the salad bar.  I loved the mixed salad greens, some edamame, ham, parmesan, carrots, green pepper, mushrooms, and light balsamic viniagrette.  I added some grapes and craisins on the side and a bit of pasta salad.  Quite tasty!  I also enjoyed a few Mango IceTeas.  It was a much better choice than the Diet coke I had intended on ordering.

Got home to finish my sermon, premake the breakfast casserole for tomorrow’s breakfast, help Hunni with music and spend the evening going crazy.  Now I need to make sure I get up early enough to get stuff ready for the services and cook breakfast for those returning from Sunrise Service.  Next year we need to be better prepared.  But craziness is my life right now.

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