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Fun food day!


Today was our final full day with the girls before they go back with my mom.  I started out my day with some yoga on FitTV.  Then my breakfast was my fancy shmancy oatmeal and the final leftover frittata.  I need to make more of these because they are a great source of protein.  I also snacked on some pretzel thins because my oats did not cook fast enough.

We had to do nursing home visitation this morning too so no snack..and boy did I miss it.  By the time we got back for lunch I was HUNGRY!  While making Crunchy PB toasts for the girls I decided I needed one for myself.  I added some edamame and frozen grapes to complete my lunch.  I took an apple with me for a trip to Michael’s to buy what I needed for Good Friday.

We ended up going to the park and I played with the girls and the dogs.  I even ran 1/4 mile at the park with Peanut my girl.  We walked home and got even more exercise that way.  Good thing too because I didn’t feel up to going to the gym tonight.

Dinner was supposed to be a wonderful pork roast with roasted potatoes, onions, red pepper, and asparagus.  However I misjudged the amount of time it would take to roast in the oven.  My recipe said it would take an hour but that definitely was not the case…it ended up takeing almost 3 but at least now I have dinner for Sunday.  Instead of that we had grilled chicken sausages, Whole Wheat Rotini with parmesan and broccoli.  I did eat the asparagus because it was done.  I was annoyed at my lack of culinary skills tonight.  I wanted to make an “adult” dinner for my mom, Hunni and the girls..instead I got college food 😦

Dessert and snacks followed…I had some Lime Jello, a Jello sugar-free chocolate pudding mixed into some TJ’s greek yogurt and  a no sugar added fudgsicle.

So sad the girls are leaving tomorrow but I have lots of work to catch up on.  Besides our busiest time of the year is here and we have lots to do…i really need to write an Easter Sunday sermon.  Off to bed to get ready for tomorrow.

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