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Long but fun…


I actually got to sleep in today…kinda.  My cousins slept in until 8.30am so I did too.  Now that’s the time I normally get up for work but it was better compared to yesterday when the girls got up at 7.30am.  I made my fancy shmancy oatmeal and had a ham & cheese frittata.  I wanted to be full for awhile.  It worked because I almost forgot to eat my snack.  I ate an apple around 10.30 so that I could make it to lunch and be satisfied without scarffing down pretzels or cookies.

With the weather being a crap shoot today (snow in April, WHAT?) we decided to go to the movies with the girls.  We saw Race to Witch Mountain… great movie but the girls thought the alien robot thing was scary.  They like it though.  Anyway because of the movie time (12.30) and the travel time to the mall (about 30 minutes) we had to take lunch with us to eat in the van.  The girls take forever to eat so this was the only way it was going to happen.  I made them each (including Hunni) sandwiches with baby carrots and half an orange.  For me I grilled a TJ’s Chile Chicken Burger on a grilled Arnold’s Multigrain Sandwich Thin with some Laughing Cow Swiss.  These things are perfect for my burgers.  I normally eat them on a Thomas’ Light English muffin and it never fits.  I was SOOOOO happy that this fit my burger perfectly.  I added some sliced cukes and TJ’s Roasted Red Pepper Hummus.  I saved my apple for later.

During the movie the girls and Hunni split a popcorn and I ate a Frigo String Cheese.  I forgot how much I loved this brand…it tastes especially Mozzarella-ey and is only one Weight Watchers point.  I’ll have to remember to keep buying these at BJ’s wholesale when I run low.  I ended up eating my apple after the movie on the ride home. 

I was going out with my Women’s Ministries group for dinner tonight so wasn’t going to be eating until around 6pm (or later by the time the food showed up).  Hunni and the girls were making pizza with Whole Wheat crust and Turkey Pepperoni.  I snagged a few pepperonis to tide me over while I picked up all the ladies for dinner.  At dinner I ended up with a Diet Coke (actually 3 by the end of dinner) and I ordered a pan seared cod with a sausage gravy, homemade onion rings, and summer grilled veggie medly.  All was quite delicious.  I felt like I indulged just enough to enjoy but not so much that I was stuffed.  Since I was paying and it was our women’s night out I decided we would sample some of the dessert specialties.  I ordered a mocha sundae, forest berry pie, and bread pudding to split between us 6 women.  I had a bite of the sundae and pie and a bit more of the bread pudding.  All were scrumptious and just sweet enough to satisfy.

I had packed a gym bag to take with me to dinner.  After I dropped all the ladies home I convinced myself to go to the gym.  I was full and couldn’t run my Couch to 5K but I knew I needed to get some sort of exercise.  I got on the Elliptical and went for 60 minutes at 12 resistance.  I burned over 550 calories which means 5.5 AP’s.  that’s great because I am still playing catch up since the flu.

It was a super long day but I’m proud of all I accomplished.  Tomorrow will be crazy busy but I’m excited.  Off to plan my meals for tomorrow so that I can stay healthy despite the craziness.

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