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Crazy little girls

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I love my little cousins but they are nuts!!! I have my two youngest cousins (8 and 10 year old girls) visiting this week because they are on spring break and needed a place to go.  Hunni and I agreed to entertain them for the week and took vacation days in order to have a bunch of fun with them.  Let me just say I forgot how much energy they have and how much work it is to keep them occupied.  It’s going to be crazy this summer when we have them for an entire month.  At least then we can send them to day camp for some of it.

Anyway I was bad and didn’t blog yesterday about my food or feelings.  I really missed it but by the time I got around to it Hunni wanted to go to bed because he was still catching up on sleep.

Yesterday I had a clif bar for breakfast because I had to rush and get the finances done for the office so that I could get it out into the mail.  Otherwise no bills were getting paid this week.  I grabbed an apple as we headed out the door so that I wouldn’t be starving.  We were headed to the mall to exchange my iPod (its a few years old so the battery finally gave up the ghost).  At the food court while Hunni and the girls went to Wendy’s, I got a subway salad.  It wasn’t hugely satisfying but I did get in some good veggies eating it.  Next time I think I’ll try a Wendy’s salad instead.  We stopped in one of my favorite stores before leaving and got a piece of candy for Hunni and the girls (Hunni got a piece of chocolate and the girls each got a Humongous jaw breaker).  I got a sample of a malted milk ball (so did they but that was my only treat).

When we got home it was about 3 and I new I would be cooking dinner in an hour.  I just drank a bunch of water to stay full.  Dinner was buckwheat pancakes (w/ sugar free syrup for me) and ham and cheese egg frittatas.  I ate more than intended but didn’t overdo it.  It was delicious and I like eating them.  I even had left overs for the rest of the week.  The girls and Hunni enjoyed them too.

I went to the gym and got on the elliptical.  After having the flu all weekend I knew that I couldn’t run even though it was what I had planned.  I ended up earning 4AP’s on the elliptical.  I had to quit early because my legs couldn’t handle it…but I pushed to get that last AP.  After the gym I went home and had a cup of frozen grapes.  These are my favorite fruity treat and I really am glad I bought some this week (even if I did buy them for the girls… I’m sure they don’t mind 🙂 ).


I got up and did some really powerful yoga at 8.30 while Hunni and the girls walked the dogs.  I missed my yoga this weekend so it was refreshing to get it in that early.  I even earned 1 AP doing so.  Then I made my regular fancy shmancy oatmeal (1/3 cup oats microwaved with water…then 1/8cup canned pumpkin, 1tsp brown sugar, and some pumpkin pie spices).  I knew I would have my appointment with my trainer this afternoon so I also ate one of my left over frittatas for some protein.

The girls watched some TV while I caught up on some work stuff.  Then we made Oreo Truffle Balls for Easter gifts for them for family.  They had fun and I was proud of myself.  I didn’t eat one cookie and I only had a little of the chocolate on some pretzel thins.  Even when Hunni and the girls sampled their wares after lunch I remained strong and ate an apple 🙂

Speaking of lunch I enjoyed it thuroughly.  After some debate with the girls I made them each a sandwich and added some carrots…I even made hunni a sandwich and got him some carrots.  Then for myself while they ate, I toasted up an Arnold’s Sandwich Thin in Multigrain and added some cucumber, TJ’s roasted red pepper hummus, a sprinkle of parmesan cheese and a bit of olive oil.  I added some sliced cukes and hummus on the side as well.  Yummo!! I think that these sandwich thins are my new favorite bread for sandwiches and only 1 Weight Watchers point 🙂  I had some of the pretzel thins covered in leftover chocolate for my dessert while the girls and Hunni at their aforementioned treats.

The rest of the afternoon was filled with homework and Wii before I went to the trainer.  She pushed me hard with some new exercises and new weights.  I love feeling stronger…that’s why I push so hard.  I’m sure I’ll feel it in my abs tomorrow because of all the new ab work she had me do…but I love her 🙂  On the way home I ate a Fuji apple I picked up at the grocery store when I stopped to get some tuna and carrots for lunches.

Dinner was crockpot lasagna.  It is Hunni’s 31st birthday today and I made it for him since he loves it.  It had been cooking all day (I made it right before lunch while the girls were watching Noggin).  We had a nice dinner.  The girls and I each ate a serving while Hunni ate 2.  He really loves it.  Then I made some cookies for his birthday dessert while the girls got ready for bed.  I ate one then and tried to avoid them.  (I gave in later but it was worth it and I have the weekly points to do so).

I went to the gym while Hunni put the girls to bed.  I intended to do my running that I missed yesterday.  I didn’t realize how much work I’d done on my legs with the trainer so I ened up walking on an incline while I watched Jeopardy and the first half of American Idol.  I got in 3AP’s.  That made a total of 6 for the day… not bad if I do say so myself.  Afterward I had another cookie (as previously mentioned), some frozen grapes (I told you they were my new favorite) and some Bolthouse Chai Tea Latte Protein Drink.

Now I’m full, clean (I took a good hot shower) and tired.  Watching a bit of TV before hitting the bed.  We’ll see what lovely things tomorrow brings. 🙂

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