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I woke up this morning with my stomach still in knots.  Actually I woke up every hour last night from 12midnight to 6 when Hunni finally got in.  He was out with a friend at a concert.   It was comforting to finally have him home.  Poor Hunni had little sleep and had to get up and do church today since I was still recovering.  Seemed like all the craziness happned for him today but he handled it great.  Gotta love him.

Anyway I got out of bed at 10am and set some final things up for my two cousins who are arriving tonight.  I made beds, set up the bathroom and finished my grocery list.  I ate a small bowl of oats with brown sugar and just prayed that it would stay in my tummy.  And it did.

After church and walking the dogs Hunni and I went to the grocery to buy stuff for the next two weeks.  I was annoyed that my stomach bug prevented me from using some coupons yesterday but it all worked out.  I got over $100 worth of groceries for $80 🙂

I decided I wanted to eat some real food and by then it was almost 4pm.  We went to a diner recommended to us when we first moved but just had never tried.  I had a western ommelette with rye toast, sweet potato fries and some OJ.  It was okay but not nearly what was raved about to us.  I did love the sweet potato fries since I haven’t had them in a while.  My tummy wasn’t happy about it for awhile but it did stay down.

Later I made some chocolate chip muffins for Hunni and myself.  I made them in my mini muffin tin and had quite a few.  I also ate some mini M&M’s and had some ginger ale.  I was just happy that food was staying in my stomach today so I just kept eating.  I liked the sweet taste after everything tasting like CRAP! 

Tomorrow will be back on track with the food and exercise but I am happy to say that the stomach buggie lost and I WON!!

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