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The stomach bug is winning :-(


So Saturday morning is Weigh in day for Weight Watchers.  I normally wake up around 7 and am on the road by 7.30 since my meeting center is about 35 minutes away (I like to be early for my 8.30 meeting).  Today I woke up and my stomach felt a bit queasy.  I’ve kind of gotten used to a stange feeling in my stomach and my GI specialist is trying to figure out why so I thought nothing of it.  I packed my shoulder bag with water, a luna bar and my grocery list as usual.  I was driving and the queasy feeling wasn’t getting better like it normally does.  About half-way I determined I was actually getting worse and needed to turn around before I got sick.  I arrived home and Hunni was confused (I normally don’t get home until 10.30 and this was about 8am).  I went straight to bed hoping to sleep it off.  I felt okay while asleep but the second I woke up I would feel nauseous again.  Grr!

I really wanted to do grocery shopping today since my cousins are coming for the week and tomorrow is Sunday.  I puked once before Hunni and I were going to leave and I thought I felt better.  We got in the van and I immediately felt ill again.  Hunni turned around and I ran into the bathroom and got sick again.  I guess today wasn’t my day for shopping.

Anyway all day I’ve felt ill and battled with my stomach…sadly it’s winning.  I at a Clif Kids Zbar early but that didn’t stay down.  Hunni gave me some applesauce and that did but I didn’t eat much.  It wasn’t until about 8pm that I even felt hungry.  I drank some gingerale and at a bunch of left over girl scout cookies.  Right now they are doing okay but we’ll see how I sleep.

At least I got some rest and Hunni has been really helpful.  Even though he had to go out of town tonight he did everything he could for me before he left.  And my doggies were nice enough to keep me company and only need a walk at 9.30 for the evening.  I think they could sense I didn’t feel well and were my furry friends 🙂

I’m hoping that resting in tomorrow will help me win the battle.  Hunni is going to preach for me and run everything.  And then we still have to go to the grocery but that will be later in the afternoon. I need to rest so I’ll spend a good majority of the day in bed.

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