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I just had to


Today was hard to plan for because Dinner was an unknown.  I had to go to the Annual Recognition/Fundraising dinner that we were throwing.  All I knew is that I would be eating salmon.   But I planned well for earlier in the day to make sure that I would be okay.  And I even got in all my good health guidelines for Weight Watchers before I even went to the dinner!

I woke up the same time I would have for the office just so that I could get in all the things I wanted/needed for the day.  Quick bowl of oatmeal with brown sugar and pumpkin.  I left out the spices today but it was still quite yummy.  I waited until 11 to go to the gym so that my breakfast would settle.

At the gym I was really proud of myself.  I wanted to do my weights but I knew I didn’t have the time so I pushed myself on my run instead.  Dumb rain prevented me from running to the gym but I ran on the Treadmill instead.  I am only on week 4 of Couch to 5K but I was running and was feeling good so I kept going.  I ended up running 10 minute stretches with only 2 minute breaks.  I was amazed and almost felt back to my pre-surgery abilities.  I can’t wait for my race now because I know I’ll be ready to run it!

Got home from the gym and did some namaste yoga before cooking dinner.  I ate an apple while I made my lunch.  I admit I cheat and count all apples a 1 point even though this one was HUGE!!  Hey no one ever got fat from eating too much fruit right?!  For lunch I fried up some egg beaters with some parmesan cheese and mrs. dash.  Then I added some raw spinach to let it wilt.  Topped the whole thing with some salsa.  Quite delicious.  I forgot how good salsa tastes with eggs.  It used to be my favorite topping.  I added baby carrots and salsa with a tsp of olive oil for a snack.  I had to get in some veggies since I had no idea what dinner would bring.

Snacked on a cheese stick early afternoon and then right before leaving for the dinner.  I figured it would help keep me full so I wouldn’t gorge on the cheese plate at the mingling time.  I ended up still tasting a piece or two of gouda because this girl can’t pass up good real cheese… hence the reason I don’t buy it.  I also had a handful of grapes and some dried apricots.  I realize I snacked on the cheese and fruit (plus some diet coke) because I hate these type of things.  I am not a good mingler in large groups of people.  Hunni loves this stuff and that’s why he belongs to the service club and usually does this stuff.  I just would rather blend into the wall.  I am proud that I didn’t inhale a large quantity of cheese to soothe my anxiety…could have but resisted.  It was dang hard though.

I did enjoy the dinner conversation at the table with a much smaller group of people.  I had chosen the salmon dish.  It was grilled and topped with the yummiest pineapple salsa.  Must attempt to recreate that soon.  It came with a appetizer salad and some sides of green beans and rice pilaf.  All seemed harmless and probably loaded with oil and butter.  I enjoyed the meal but caved when the dessert came by.  It was key lime pie…My absolute fave pie next to pecan.  I savored every bite and realized that I would have to use up some more Activity points (about 10) to enjoy that little slice of heaven.  But it was quite worth it I think.  We’ll see if the scale agrees.

Overall I think I did well tonight.  I got in some activity today and all the good health guidelines and didn’t eat my feelings, at least not completely.  Tomorrow is another day.

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