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Last night was crazy by the time I got back from the gym and had a shower…hence the no posting.  I need to make time to post earlier in the day because this waiting till the last minute thing is not working.  I guess I’m going to do better at posting and updating throughout the day because it’s part of my challenge to myself for April.  I want to post my feelings about the food I’m eating in addition to merely recording the food and the points for Weight Watchers.  I have a bad habit of just eating because I can or without thinking and then feeling bad about it later.  I’m hoping that having to stop and record what I’m feeling about the food I’m eating I might not eat so randomly.

Anyways on to the food and feelings from yesterday.

I had postponed my Weight lifting from Tuesday to wednesday so I had to get in my extra protein.  I ate a Luna bar Lemonzest flavor (one of my favorites) quickly before getting some work done on my laptop.  I had some meetings with church people for membership classes so this was the only time I would have to get anything done.  I got some stuff done quickly before leaving and then rushed out the door.

I had intended to walk downtown to the coffee shop for my meeting but it was cold and looked like rain so I drove.  I had a small non-fat latte that I added some cinnamon and splenda to.  I don’ t like using splend as much anymore due to my IBS issues but I can’t stand an unsweetened latte and I didn’t want the sugar or syrups.  The meeting was good and ended on time for a change.  I wanted to go the gym and lift after this but then I remembered I had errands to do so that was a no go.

After the errands back to the homestead for a quick lunch before my second meeting.  I enjoyed some egg beaters with spinach on a toasted Thomas’ light english muffin and some Laughing Cow french onion cheese.  This is quickly becoming my second favorite lunch sandwich.  I added some sliced cucumber and roasted red pepper hummus to fill me up.  I skipped the obligatory sweet treat because I had another meeting and another coffee shop drink to come (small Non – fat Chai tea latte).  I love me some organic goods from the coffee shop since I’m usually too cheap to buy stuff at the grocery.

I finally hit the gym after my second meeting for some weights and I pinched my poor thumb in the clip while putting up the lat bar.  😦  But I survived and pushed through and earned 2 AP’s (burned about 200 calories).  I was sweating which I hadn’t expected.  I got home and quickly consumed an apple to feed the big hungry monster growling from inside my stomach.

Dinner was supposed to be one of my favorite things I’ve made since beginning to cook dinner everynight from scratch.  I love me some barley “risotto” with asparagus and parmesan.  But my lovely Hunni did not know that you have to refridgerate opened chicken stock.  Let’s just say rancid chicken stock is not such a good smell.  So I had to break out the quick side dish from the freezer.  So we had Ahi tuna steaks with some TJ’s Nasi Goreng, broccoli and soy sauce.  Still yummy yet not as satisfying to my need to cook.  Hunni loved it none the less and realized that tuna does not have to taste like the canned crap from with the fishy on the front.

Now here comes the time that journaling would have helped.  I scarffed down a bunch of strawberries while cooking dinner because it took longer than I thought thanks to the Hunni mistake.  I was frustrated that dinner was not turning out as hoped and my hungry monster was waking up again.  Then for Women’s ministries we were doing a devotion on sensing God.  I felt bad leaving the extra honey and crackers (for taste) so I ate those up.  We were working on making treats for our bake sale to raise money for camp and missions last night too.  Instead of just enjoying the company of my ladies I mindlessly ate the snacks we were making.  A little pretzel rods here, a few M&M’s there, some Heath Bar and Coconut thrown in for good measure.  I was sugar loaded afterward instead of enjoying the time.  Must do better next time.

Now I must find my journal or buy another one to keep with me throughout the day in order to prevent such occurances.  Hoping to post today’s stuff later. 🙂

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