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Effort in avoidance


Okay so I just munched on a bunch of unnecessary sweets so I’m going to blog now in attempts to avoid more food entering my mouth.  You kind of need hand to eat so if I’m busy typing I can’t eat right? :-/

Today started out rushed for some reason.  I made my oatmeal in the microwave like normal while getting dressed…but felt rushed so I only added the brown sugar and omitted the pumpkin.  I had a small banana on the way out the door to go with it and was fairly satisfied.

I wasn’t at my desk more than 10 minutes when my kooky advisory board chairperson showed up to do something for me.  Unfortunately that required I go out and spend an hour at staples waiting for my copies.  I returned to the office only to rush around working on a presentation for finance, be thouroughly annoyed by my chairperson, push back the time of bible study for tonight and then help Hunni walk the dogs.  We were supposed to have a pastor’s lunch today with local pastors but it turned out I wasn’t going to be able to go.  I printed up the flyers I promised them and dropped Hunni at Subway before heading off to my next errand.

One of our church members had to go to a meeting 45 minutes away and no way to get there so I offered to drive her.  I dropped her and her husband off for their meeting and had 2 hours to kill before they would be done.  No time to go back to the office so I headed to Panera to snag some lunch.  I wanted the “you pick 2” but couldn’t remember the points values for some of the sandwiches.  I picked the most yummy but least offending sounding one.  I got a cup of French Onion soup with no croutons or cheese and a 1/2 of the Mediterranean Veggie sandwich.  I love the combo of crisp veggies, feta and hummus.  It’s quite similar to something I make at home so I always enjoy it.  I got a fruit cup and some Diet Caffiene free pepsi with lemon to finish it out.  I love the days I can go to Panera because we don’t have one in town and I don’t have lots of reasons to go to the town that does. 

Refilled my soda (probably shouldn’t because it aggrevates my IBS) and headed to the grocery for meats.  I normally buy the meats when they are on managers special because I’m just going to freeze it until I use it anyway.  I got some good deals and am excited to try lamb in a recipe once I figure out which one.  I made two other stops at the other groceries in town but no luck there.  I did however had a tasty sample of fresh baked bread.  I was very tempted to buy a loaf but it wouldn’t have lasted long and I did not need it.  Oh boy was I tempted though.

The meeting was still not over so I had to find something to do because parking is very scarce downtown.  I spotted a local sushi place and decided to indulge.  I haven’t had fresh sushi in awhile.  I was feeling nostalgic for my sushi dates with friends while in seminary.  I did behave myself though and only ordered a small tuna roll.  Each bite was delicious!!  I wanted to go back and get more but I decided to go to Dunkin Donuts for some liquid refreshment and read my book in their parking lot.  Ended up with a small peach ice tea and the first two chapters of my book “Water for elephants by Sara Gruen.”  Quite a lovely combination.

Returned to home after dropping them off and inhaled an apple and a granola bar because dinner wouldn’ t be until around 6.30 o’clock tonight (an hour later than normal).  While Hunni did drop offs after a shortened bible study I decided to cook dinner.  Grilled up some Teriyaki Beef and stir fry veggie mix while some brown rice steamed away in my lovely rice cooker (one of my favorite wedding gifts).  By the time Hunni got back dinner was piping hot and ready to be consumed.  We each had a good portioned and settled in to rest for awhile. 

Then the snacking began.  My lovely friend “FLO” arrived today so she has been forcing me to eat.  I had a string cheese after dinner which is good and bad.  It fulfilled a dairy serving I needed but was mindless cravings.  I did well for a few hours until I decided not to go the the gym (the sodas I had made my stomach not so happy).  Then I grabbed two gingersnaps, a Quaker caramel corn cake, and a sugar free fudgsicle and devoured them quickly. 

That’s what brings me to this post.  For the last 30 minutes I’ve been writing I haven’t been eating.  Now I need to convince myself to not do so any more tonight.  I don’t have any weekly points left and I’ve already eaten some of my Activity points.  And tomorrow is my annual fundraising dinner so I have no choice of dinner.  Must behave.  I will be so angry at myself if I gain weight this week.  I’ve got a plan for most of tomorrow and I’m going to run and do weights too…but here’s hoping for the best.  Off to do some yoga to avoid the munchies.

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