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Crazy busy


Well yesterday was insanity so I didn’t get to post and today wasn’t much better… So here i am at almost 11PM posting for two days.

Yesterday I started with some yummy oatmeal that I call my fancy oatmeal.  Basically regular oatmeal with canned pumpkin, a bit of brown sugar, and some pumpkin spice.  It’s wonderful and filling.  I ate my apple for snack around 11am but almost forgot since I was so busy all morning.  Lunch was a new one for me… I made a egg beaters omelette with spinach and sundried tomato.  I put it on a Thomas’ light english muffin and added a wedge of Laughing Cow french onion cheese.  I added some baby carrots and roasted red pepper hummus.  I followed it all up with a no sugar added fudgsicle for some sweetness.  I was happy and full.  I was going to do some Namaste Yoga at lunch but it was one with crazy back stuff that can’t do since I had spinal fusion in September last year.

Dinner was good.  I roasted some summer squash and zucchini and red onion with a bit of olive oil at 450 for about 20 minutes.  I also cooked some farfalle (sounds fancy but its really just bowties 🙂 ).  I added in the roasted veggies and some parmesan and olive oil with basil and galic.  Yummy!!! Hunni and I had some Mahi Mahi from TJ’s that I baked for 12 minutes too.  Nice and filling.  I’m big on filling because I don’t want pig out late at night.

While Hunni went and played Wii with the guys for Men’s Ministries I worked on menus for the coming weeks and grocery lists.  My snack for this was a jello sugar free chocolate pudding mixed with 1/2 cup of 0% greek yogurt form TJ’s (my favorite store).

Hunni and I went to the gym at 9pm…after a quick stop at Walmart to get new headphones. I had some tootsie rolls (they are free at the gym desk) and worked on my C25K.  I did the cycle twice for week 4.  At the end I was almost to 5K but was done the last running section.  So I pushed through and ran until I hit 5K and then pushed until I hit 45 minutes.  I was so happy that I ran at 5.0 for about 9 minutes!!!  I had a peanut butter fudge vitatops for my after workout snack.  Overall a good but crazy day.



I had intended on waking up and doing yoga before going to the office… instead Hunni woke me up with 15 minutes to get ready…so much for that idea.  I got up and quickly made my fancy oatmeal and a banana and got ready for the office.

I drank a bunch of water in the office and and had a really juicy gala apple.  Then for lunch I had my favorite TJ’s chicken chile burgers grilled with a little olive oil on a Thomas’ light english muffin and a wedge of Laughing cow swiss cheese.  I added a cucumber and some more of my roasted red pepper hummus.  I missed my english cucumber this week but they went up in price and I didn’t have the money to spend. :0(  I had my fudgsicle for my sweet tooth.

I had an appointment with my GI doc this afternoon so when I stopped for a perscription I bought a diet coke which is my big addiction that I need to quit.  I had to use up some of the coupons I had for basics so I went to the grocery and bought $60 worth of stuff for $40…SCORE!! 

While cooking dinner I snacked on a string cheese and some new pepperidge farm baked crackers.  They were delicious and I need to make sure I only eat a portion or it could be very dangerous.  Dinner was quick and easy Shrimp Puttanesca (a weight watcher recipe) but goofy me forgot to add the shrimp.  Hunni was so hungry that he didn’t want to wait for the shrimp.  So we just had whole wheat fettuccine and the simple sauce.

We had intended to go to the gym but then realized it would be impossible to do our BJ’s and TJ’s trip on saturday because Hunni is oging to be out of town.  So we decided to go tonight instead.  I had detailed lists that i promptly forgot at home…GRRR! So much for being organized.  But I’m proud to say that I only forgot 3 or 4 things total.  Score one for the memory.

TJ’s is right next to Whole Foods so we like to stop in there and look at their desserts.  Hunni got a large Turtle Sundae thing that he couldn’t finish last time so he just had to share.  I got a nice medium gelatto of candied ginger and maple walnut.  Not what I had intended for dessert (I had planned on strawberries, honey, and greek yogurt) but I was happy for the sweet.  Hunni also bought a HUGE bottle of Orangina from TJ’s.  It was a nice memory of my visit to France… much better than yucky american Orange soda.

So the gym was a no go by the time we got back.  Lucky for me I’ve got some meetings downtown so I can stop into the gym and get in my weights and the elliptical.  I’ll do my C25K tomorrow night after I’m done with my Women’s Program.  I need to avoid the treats we’ll be making but we’ll see how that works out.

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