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Eating my emotions?


Today was church but I still made time for a yummy breakfast.  Regular oatmeal with honey, and strawberries.  It was yummy and filling.  I was satisfied until I had lunch after my yoga at 12.30.  Now granted I did plan a snack of animal crackers with the sunday school kids… but hey I planned it and was ready for it.

I did 30 minutes of yoga at 12.30 on FitTV and enjoyed every second of it.  It was just challenging enough to enjoy on a sunday afternoon.  After all I had intended to go to the gym later that afternoon (more on that later).

Lunch was one of my old standbys… a toasted Thomas’ light english muffin spread with 1 wedge of Laughing Cow cheese and a TJ’s Chile Chicken Burger… Sooooo Yummy!  I make this all the time and LOVE it!  I added some baby carrots and TJ’s roasted red pepper hummus.  It was nice and filling.

Then all heck broke loose.  Hunni had told me he was going to start cleaning today and then suddenly changed his mind and wanted a day off with nothing to do.  He always just relaxes on Sunday evening with TV so I asked him to compromise.  No go!  We argued for a few minutes and then I just gave up.  I was aggravated so I just had to get out of the house.  I wanted to go the gym but I was so frustrated I just went to Walmart to look around and then go do some grocery shopping.  I really wanted some food to feed my anger but I resisted.  I bought some Extra gum and a Diet Coke instead… score 1 me.

I made dinner but didn’t intend on being as hungry as I was by the time it was done.  I ended up eating all of the Greek Couscous I made…yikes I ate 4 servings.  It was 18 points for the whole thing.  Yummy but Yikes!! I forgot how many points are in 1 cup of couscous versus brown rice.  At least it was filling.  I’ll probably only have some strawberries for dessert.

Since I didn’t workout (well besides the yoga) I’ll have to make time for it either tonight or tomorrow.  I’ll probably just have to do it tomorrow since I’m still annoyed.  At least I didn’t destructively eat my feelings.  I wanted to but I didn’t.

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