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Ugh I’m full


Today was my weigh in day for Weight Watchers so it started early like usual.  I don’t eat breakfast until after I weigh in but then I had my clif bar and a sweet and salty Weight watchers bar.  I don’t know why I was so hungry but I ate them both.  Darn I wished the pumpkin one wasn’t seasonal. 

I stopped at Target to pick up some stuff and bought a diet caffiene free coke too.  It’s my nemisis.  I love it but too much of it doesn’t love me or my stomach.

I got home from Weight Watchers, Target and Joann Fabrics (I had to pick out fabric for my prayer partner’s wedding quilt) and was starved.  So i diced up about 1 cup of yummy strawberries and added 1/3 cup non fat TJ’s greek yogurt and about 1 tbsp of honey.  Yummy snack and kept me full for a while.

Then my husband (Russell but I call him Hunni) and I went out for a long walk with the dogs.  We walked them downtown to the bank to make a deposit.  Then we stopped by the cute little pet supplies store and bought some yummy organic dog treats.  The lady in the store loves our dogs so we try to stop in and get a treat for them when we are down near there.  On the way back we bought a treat for ourselves too.  Hunni had a small chocolate chip ice cream cone (i had a few licks too) and then I had a small iced chai with skim milk…YUMMY! 

Finally around 4.30pm Hunni was hungry and asked me to make dinner.  I made yummy double bean burritos that is a recipe from a friend.  I enjoyed the spice and changed up the ingredients just a little.  Hunni loved them and asked that I make them again sometime.  I love all the fiber in them.  We were starved and ate too quickly. 

Now I’m ful but want to eat a dessert…must resist…must resist.  I don’t need it and it won’t be good anyway.

Either way a good day.  I burned around 300 calories on my walk (3AP’s) and went over my points today (30.5) but I always do since my points reset today.  Well off to avoid dessert and enjoy the evening with Hunni.

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